Gustavo Goedert

Márcio Sarroglia Pinho
VR Team Coordinator

Vitual I/O - IGlasses Delphi driver Version 1.00


  • This is our IGlasses driver.
  • To use it, you need to add the uiGlasses.pas unit to your project, and instanciate a copy of the TiGlasses object.
  • The driver has its own thread to do the polling.
  • Two exemples are included.


  • It seams that the iGlasses has to be turned on before your PC, to work correctly.
  • The exemples assume your iGlasses is connect to the serial port number 2.
  • To recompile the Avatar exemple you need to get a copy of the SignSoft OpenGL Demo Components at
  • The driver has only been tested with Delphi 3.


  • Make an VCL component version
  • Make an ActiveX component version

Copyright (c) 1998 PUC-RS Virtual Reality Team