Below you can see a video of the project created by the Zero Hora newspaper (in portuguese).


This project was developed as part of the Ph.D. thesis of Simone Aparecida Celina das Neves Assis, advised by Dr. Ivan Izquierdo and co-advised by Dr. Márcio Sarroglia Pinho and Dr.a Carla Helena Augustin Schwanke. The thesis was developed at the Graduate Program in Biomedical Gerontology.

  • Simone das Neves Assis
    Simone Assis
  • Leonardo Soares
    Leonardo Soares
  • Bruno Feres Klein
    Bruno Klein
  • Jociane de Carvalho Myskiw
    Jociane de Carvalho Myskiw
  • Márcio Pinho
    Márcio Pinho
  • Dr.a Carla Helena Augustin Schwank
    Carla Helena Schwank
  • Dr. Ivan Izquierdo
    Ivan Izquierdo